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Aussie Execs and their team

Reward tours are S.M.A.R.T. GOAL concepts tailored to suit your objectives
Specific, Measurable, Action orientated, Realistic, Timelined

Medical, Dental and Spa Centres, inexpensive yet World Class Care! 
Shopping and dining delights that are 2nd to none! 

A unique culture with a diverse range of tourism 

Corporate Groups
Team Building > Together, Everyone Achieves, More
Challenges for reward and achievement 
Novelty and gift merchandise for your client base

Business & Trade
The opportunities are real and substantial.
"Success will never be until preparedness and opportunity meet" 
AustCham is a major successful network hub for Business, Community and Connection 
Achieve your Reward 
Rejuvenate, Adventure, Trade, Team building, Shopping, Spa, see more in tour concepts 

Balance is the key to L.I.F.E.
Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency, and LIFE without Flexibility is a L.I.E.
The cost is much lower than you expect, sample costs: groups 2, 8, 16  <> Guest photo album @ Photo Database

Testimonial: 2011-2012 tour groups: Photos & Souvenir e-story book <> feedback stats

Smart Chatobligation free, within 10 minutes you’ll know the MAJOR savings, the benefits 
Performance is everythingKnow the difference between Knee Jerk and a Reflex
Database: more than 600 venues (view online) support by Bangkok APAC (A Personal Assist <> Concierge)

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